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Flickering icons from backup battery/power supply?

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So having a weird issue. Yesterday I bought a 900watt backup battery so when the power goes out my computer stays on long enough for me to properly turn off the computer. 

Well set it up today and when I turned the everything on, my icons on the screen flicker for about 5 seconds then stop. Then after a minute or two they do it again. I take it this has something to do with the backup battery? Heres what I have plugged into it:
-Desktop Tower

-Cord that splits for two fans

Is it the extension cord with the two fans that maybe causing a weird power flux and hence my icons are flickering?

Here is my PC setup stats if it helps:

PCI-E ATI Radeon HD 4850 DDR3 1GB Graphics Card PCI-E
Fatality Sound Card 8gb
DDR2 Ram (x4 2gb sticks)
2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives (WD)
Quad Core AMD Phenom X4 9750
1200 Watt Antec Power Supply
CD/DVD-DL Lightsribe writer
Win 7 64 Home Premium 
Pegatron M22N7B-LA Motherboard

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While I'm going to agree with Waco, have you tried going back to another power strip/direct wall connection?  If that works fine then clearly it's something with the backup setup. 


Also generally you only want the most important items plugged into the battery backup, for example just the PC and monitor with the other non essential items connected elsewhere. Depending on how much you have connected to the battery portion of that unit and the type of printer etc I guess you COULD be overloading it and the flicker could be the monitor having issues with voltage drops but that's really just a total guess.

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+1 on above posts, there is really no reason to have anything but the monitor and tower connected to the backup power, anything else will just drain the battery faster and won't save any thing you are working on .

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Thanks for the replies. Yeah once I removed the non-essential stuff from the supply the flickering stopped. I do still have my speakers plugged into it but I guess they aren't really needed. 

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