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Intel Preparing 6-Core Coffee Lake CPUs


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It is reported that Intel will release new 6-core CPUs, based on the Coffee Lake architecture, in a few months. On the high end, the i7 8700K should come in clocked at around 3.7GHz and provide a total of twelve threads when Hyperthreading is enabled. At 95W, the i7 8700K will have a much lower TDP than the Core i9 7800X and its TDP of 140W. Intel will be releasing an i7 8700 non-K series, which will be clocked at around 3.2GHz. The rumor mill is also suggesting that we will see 6-core CPUs in the i5 series, although Hyperthreading will be disabled.

It is also said that for the first time ever, Intel will be introducing pure mobile 6-core CPUs. As you can imagine, Coffee Lake mobile will have much lower clock speeds at around 2GHz, and a much lower TDP at 45W. Finally, it is also reported that we will see a Coffee Lake quad-core CPU featuring a 28W TDP and targeted at low power notebooks.

Source: Videocardz

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