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home theater equipment upgrade

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 Wife wants a new 4 k tv so that means we would need a new receiver and since the center and the surrounds are not up to the task  anymore I'd need those as well.Already decided on the receiver and center channel.So I'm basically asking about the surrounds.Id want the largest sound stage possible in a 12x15 room.I'm not a surround sound audiophile but good placement of sound in the room  is more immersive and thats what we'd want. 

 Tomorrow I'm going to pull the trigger on a few new pieces of home theater type gear and would like some input.I already have a pair of 10in  klipsh subwoofers new egg Item#: 9SIA54H5HN8636 and a pair of   klipsch r-26f new egg Item#: 9SIA1J7483555 


Receiver will be a      Denon AVR-X3300W                                                                                                                                 center channel          Klipsch RP-450C  new egg Item#: 9SIADU55SU0873

 The surrounds I'm not sure about and I'd need 4 of them.Possible choices are;                                                                     Klipsch RP-250S new egg item#: 9SIA6P65C69952                                                                                                          Klipsch Reference R-15M newegg Item#: 9SIA3JX43K4791

Or just get 4 more of the klipsch r-26 floorstanders.

We watch a lot of movies mostly. Have approx 1000 of them in Bluray.

Thoughts on which would give the best sound stage for movies.I'm leaning more to the rp-250s first then the  r26f's floor standers






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why do you want 4 surrounds? 

first of all, your room is pretty little

and also very few movies or television and NO GAMES support 7 channel

so I recommend you start with a regular 5.1 system and then decide if you want to expand 


I love the Klipsch R-26, they are my favorite speakers for a good value home theater

but u dont need big rear speakers

I dont have a recommendation for you though

if you use little bookshelf speakers you might need stands

and one mistake alot of people make is they put the rear speakers up high by the ceiling on the wall

the rear speakers should be level with your head while you are sitting on the couch just like the front speakers


I know about the 250-S but they seem a little weird

so I have no comment but go ahead and try them

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No comment on the best sound just get the best you can afford,.. I use wireless headphones, but you will want a quality 4K UHD upscaling Blu-ray player,.. the Samsung UBD K8500 is nice for the price. http://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/home-theater/blu-ray-dvd-players/4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-player-ubd-k8500-za/

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why do you want 4 surrounds?Wifey wants them. Cant hear the dialogue or the surrounds very well.So I have to crank them then the 26's take over.

The recievers now can send a signal to rears in some sort of dolby dsp atmos malarky .

Room is pretty small I know.Shouldn't have cut it in half to put a bedroom on bottom floor..

Already have a yamaha rx-v665 hooked up to the r-26's plus a set of Klipsch quintets, center an 4 surrounds the center and surrounds are over shadowed by the 26's.no matter how I set the levels.Really like the 26's also.

I'm not completely sold on the 250s seems as though the front speaker of them would be aimed at the  middle of room unless i moved whole thing back a little.But then it would be bouncing off rear wall.Odd design for sure.Which may or may not be good with rears.Listened to some Definitive Technology's satellite and center channel today and they sounded sweet.may work better for the size of the room..been looking for this stuff for about a week or two it's making me nuts.

We are both going to audition them tomorrow so she can see and hear them all, then she can pick..Wish me luck.

Is the 9500 out yet.

THX for the replies.

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Well It's all picked and purchased setup kinda etc.Got a different receiver than originally going to get.

Got the 4k oled from LG c7p

yamaha rx-a870

a pair of klipsch rp-250s surrounds

a klipsh 450c center

sony ubd-x800 uhd 4k bluray

Playstation 4 pro

350 foot speaker wire

moved the 4 quintet satellites as the rear/front  presence channels.May/may not upgrade those in near future.Ran enough wire around room to make a Faraday cage.All new high speed hdmi cables.And I love the sound and picture  now, dialogue great  no problem and the surrounds are wicked.Still playing with the receiver set up stuff levels distance etc.Purchased the pacific rim 4k movie it looked and sounded  simply fantastic. And system is still not optimized as well as it could be..  

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that's a nice TV, you done good

last year LG OLED TV's had a bit of trouble with video game lag though so I don't recommend them for gaming

i think they released a firmware update for most of their products, so maybe it's fixed now but I am still a little weary of them

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No lag so far at all playing PS4 pro. Running multiple  games/ doom, last of us, injustice,watchdog II,evolve,shadow of mordor and a cpl others. The model i bought has a 21 ms refresh.

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In a room that size, one of reasons your wife can not hear the dialogue is because the mids are lost if the speakers are on the floor.  And, women do not hear base like their male counterparts. This phenom is less true if hardwood floor. Carpet really soaks up the mids and highs So, if possible, get the speakers off the floor about 2 feet. Don't know what you want to spend, but, Amazon has a nice Klipsch surround system on sale for $399. You would still need stands



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