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Leak for AMD RX Vega Lineup Names and Pricing

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As with any rumors, this information may turn out to not be true, but at least we are quickly approaching the actual announcement. According to Digiworthy, sources within AMD's Headquarters have indicated AMD will be announcing three RX Vega GPUs on May 31 at Computex, with the actual release following on June 5. Yes, three GPUs and they will supposedly be named the RX Vega Core, RX Vega Eclipse, and RX Vega Nova. The Core is supposed to have a $399 price on it and is meant to target or surpass GTX 1070 performance. The Eclipse will be at $499 and targets the GTX 1080, while the Nova at $599 would be against the GTX 1080 Ti.

All of this information is rumor, of course, so only time will tell exactly how AMD re-enters the high-end GPU market.

Source: Digiworthy

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