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Bit of help creating item inventory with Excel

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I need a bit of help and or guidance creating a simple 20/25 item inventory with Excel. There are so many graphs to choose from, lol. I was never very good at it so please anyone proficient with Excel, my knowledge on it is just opening a file and that is it. I just want something that I can add amounts at the end of the day. Thank you in advance.

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The SUM function will be your friend for this: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/SUM-function-043e1c7d-7726-4e80-8f32-07b23e057f89


You'll probably want to create columns (or rows) for the different items, and rows (or columns) for the different days.


Assuming you choose Columns for the items and rows for the days, your final row can contain the total inventory. You just need each cell in the "total" row, to be the sum of the entire column (minus the part name)


Then as days go by you can add rows as need be (before the "total" row), and just enter positive or negative numbers in the corresponding cells.

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Thank you sir, it is greatly appreciated. I will do my best and give it a try.


I just watched the video and it is a great tool.

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