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AMD Announces Dual Polaris Radeon Pro Duo Video Card

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AMD has announced the Radeon Pro Duo video card, packing two Polaris 10 cores onto a single card. The card is aimed at professionals that could use the card for tasks "such as broadcast, entertainment, media, design and manufacturing workloads." Each core has 2304 stream processors and 36 compute units with a clock speed of 1243MHz, offering compute power up to 11.5 TFLOPS. The card has enough processing power to handle four 4K monitors at 60Hz or a single 8K monitor at 60Hz. Also included is 32GB of GDDR5 memory with total bandwidth of 448GB/s. The latest Pro Duo falls short of the performance of last years model with dual Fiji XT cores with 4096 stream processors, 64 compute units, up to 16.38 TFLOPS of computer power, 8GB HBM2, and 1 TB/s memory bandwidth. The new Pro Duo has an MSRP of $999 while the previous iteration has an MSRP of $1500. General manager of the professional graphics division at AMD Ogi Brkic described the new card stating, "Today’s professional workflows continue to increase in complexity, often demanding that creators switch between a wide variety of applications to progress their work, pausing efforts in one application while computing resources are focused on another. We designed the Radeon Pro Duo to eliminate those constraints, empowering professionals to multi-task without compromise, dedicating GPU resources where and how they need them. It’s a continuation of our promise for Radeon Pro: to provide greater choice in how professionals practice their craft, enabling superior multi-tasking, accelerated applications, and powerful solutions for advanced workloads like VR."

Source: WCCF Tech

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