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Jupiter's Forge Expansion Announced for Offworld Trading Company


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Offworld Trading Company, the strategy game based on achieving economic dominance instead of military dominance, has had its first major expansion announced, titled Jupiter's Forge. With this expansion players will be able to leave Mars and Ceres for Io, one of Jupiter's moons, where you will face new challenges, find new resources, and encounter new competition. Radiations storms, sulfur frosts, landslides, and tremors are new map events you will need to deal with as you try to outcompete the Penrose Collective and the Diadem Trust, but with the resources of Io being finite, you can expect the fight to be all the more difficult.

Also coming with Jupiter's Forge is the 1000 map challenge, for those players wanting to place on leaderboards. As you beat a map, the next one becomes harder and an overall score will show you where you stand, but each map also has its own leaderboard. The expansion will release in late Spring 2017.



Source: Press Release


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