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Well a brand new rig now and working great.

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Aloha from Hawaii ,

Been away for a while but posting again.


I built a new Rig again because I had extra parts laying around:

I got another ...Thermaltake GT-10  case for free.   I ordered a .... MSI 970 MoBo and another


Only had some ...PNY 1333  Memory but is at ..... 16 GB ....to use but they worked ok.

 A new .... 850 Watt PU and it is going great.

The new on look just like the other one and built similar also.

This case also has a broken front panel so I am ordering a new one

I also tried a older .....Nvidia Video card but it wont post so I will be getting a higher grade one



Aloha   Louis   / LongBike



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I did the same Last week.  I had two year old parts that were brand new.   A least we got them up and running.   Grats on your new Rig man.

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