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Help Me Diagnose my computer problem

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Well, I just finished my new build yesterday and got all the software squared away and even had a few hours of Gameplay on "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands".  It was beautiful. Build is in Sig.


Now, this morning, I was doing some stock trading for a couple hours, on my old rig, and made some profit, so I quit and tried to jump on my new rig and see about more Ghost Recon.  To my disappointment, I could not get my load out of the bios.  In fact the bios was only beginning to load on one side my computer monitor.  IT would stay stuck there and go nowhere.  How very disappointing.

My current efforts to resolve the problem---

Reset the CMOS--no help

Take out one video card--no help

Trade one card for the other---no help

Change power cord to the Card from power supply---no help

Traded out my new monitor for an old one----Low and behold, im up and running again!  How very disappointing.  


My 301 Sparta 32" operates with an AC to DC transformer.  I have seen a lot of them for sale on Amazon.  I mean this is a dedicated unit but it seems to be a popular buy.   My problem is, Im not sure if its the transformer or monitor.  What would you do if you were me?


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Update: I changed to a different socket outlet on my power multi-plug and reinstalled my Sparta 301.  Then proceeded to Boot Up.  I am up and running with a nice picture again.  This still leaves me with the same dilemma.  Is it my separate transformer that is bad or is it my monitor?  I know its inconvenient but if it will save me the purchase price of a new monitor I will just unplug my transformer, which I can do as it sits behind my monitor on the desk and plug it in when I want to do a gaming session.  I don't even know if this will help.  Im guessing that I will know one way or another in under a week, whether to just buy a new "quality" name brand monitor or if I can survive with this  for a length of time.

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