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AMD and Bethesda Form Strategic Partnership


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The Game Developers Conference is a time we see many announcements come out from various companies, and yesterday AMD had its turn at its Capsaicin event. Among the reveals at the event was that AMD and Bethesda Softworks have formed a long-term strategic partnership with the purpose of advancing the games industry. With game developers and graphics companies working together, "the pace of progress can advance exponentially."

Together the companies will work to develop and implement new technologies, including low-level APIs like Vulkan, and to fully utilize the power of Ryzen CPUs, Radeon GPUs, and AMD server solutions across Bethesda franchises. The potential for such collaboration between the two companies has already been demonstrated with the DOOM, where the use of Vulkan enabled unprecedented performance and made it the first AAA title to fully utilize the API.

Source: AMD

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