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Hackintosh G5 at long last

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Well I finally got a G5 case and I'm excited as I've been wanting one for a long time now (just couldnt bring myself to pay what people want for them). My friends neighbor is prepping to move and he was loading computer stuff in his car got to talking and he gave it to me instead of GoodWill and in my score was a mostly gutted G5 case. He had planned to buy the kit to make it an atx case but never did.


I already finished gutting it and started trying to figure out my game plan.

Heres some pics.





Been test fitting and trying to come up with a final plan.


I already know I want the psu in the top tray so the new pci area will start at the highest point the stock one did.

Think Im going to cut out the mobo tray from the donor and mount it in the G5 (still working out details) but need to get more cutoff wheels before I can do much more.


Trying to decide if im going to use the back from the donor or make my own.


Hdd rack is undecided right now. Using the G5 one seems easy but the plastic just looks like crud imho.


Have a few other ideas in my head but until i get the mobo sorted not sure how anything else will be setup.


I'm beyond undecided on what the case color/finish will be. I'm thinking maybe mat or satin black but have too many ideas for 2 tone.


For fun the donor after getting the i/o pci area from it.


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Hoping to get a little work in on this this weekend.

Death in the family started the pause and got a laptop I was to fix for a customer (broken screen and a tune up) after I already ordered the part and it shipped the guy wanted to cancel it as his wife just went and bought a new one and when I told him it was too late to cancel the order he said if he got the hdd I could have the laptop if that was fair to me. So I took the deal and now have an i3 17.3" laptop that benchmarks over 2x my old laptop. I'm waiting on a ssd to ship for it and should be a good little rig. Also got a easy job of transplanting the guts from a HP desktop into an aftermarket case (case was dented and he wanted room for a new gpu which the old case couldnt hold).


Anyway hoping tomorrow to roll on the g5 case a bit. But havnt had much time to put into thinking on how I'm going to set it up.


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Didn't get much done but got the standoff locations all plotted out for both atx and matx because i like options.


Test fitted with a couple old matx mobos of different sizes to confirm all is well.



Have right at a 1/2" between the case and mobo. This is good as im wanting to run wires behind the board. And playing with ideas for a filler plate to go around the mobo to hide wires and the like.



Now that i know where everything will be i can now see about cutting the rear of the case open.


Had another customer bring a laptop with a broken screen today. Hes weighing wether to fix it or get a new laptop. Personally I would fix it being a ROG but to each there own.

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have considered doing something like this with my Mac Pro 1,1... though it works just fine. I just can't upgrade the OS anymore (think it has Lion or something).  Kind of wish you could just buy new MB's to current tech for these things.

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