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Love the surface, anyone owned a chuwi or onda tablet?

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earlier this year some 99$ tablets came out in china

with full windows 10 installs


has anyone owned one of these?

I loved my surface 3 and 4 but gave them away to family members

now I need something to watch 1080P MKV videos in bed 


looking at an Onda v820w or Chuwi Hi10



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I ordered my onda tablet in DEC and it took about 5 weeks to arrive so I got it in january 

Onda allows you to dual boot windows 10 or android 


I ordered the latest model z8300 cherry trail atom processor, but of course - after waiting five weeks, I received a two year old discontinued model with z3735f

/facepalm, that is what I get for ordering from china off ebay


this atom processor is known for overheating and it does here too 

that means you cant watch HD video for extended periods of time without the processor getting too hot and beginning to throttle causing video to stutter

there are many do it yourself heat sink fixes for other brand tablets like HP and dell, copper heatsinks can be bought on ebay for like 5$


not to mention there was other issues like when using headphones, you can hear buzz sounds from the wifi card when downloading content

so the conclusion is chinese tablets are still total junk - do not buy


for 100$, best buy insignia offers a windows 8" tablet with a z8300 processor 

and for 200$, you can upgrade to a 10" insignia with detachable keyboard are good options


I also recommend the HP X2 for under 200$

or a used 64GB surface 3 tablet can be had USED for 200$ on ebay which has a z8700


if you want something with a real processor, the lenovo miix 510 or 720 have surface 4 pro specs but a few hundred cheaper but no micro SD card support 

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Ok, I ordered a switch alpha 12 

it has an i5 processor that uses liquid dispersion to keep it cool 

so it is fanless 

it "looks good" on paper, but since it is acer I have doubts about the build quality though I like the brand overall for budget users


the lenovo miix 700 can also be had for around 400$ or less which seems to be a good buy 


whatever model you get, I recommend at least 4GB RAM

the 2GB models do seem to bog down some, but are still great for entertainment if you just can't afford more


bought a surface pro 4 for a relative last year

and it has hanged a few times, I think due to the graphic driver or biometrics stuff and I've had to do a hard reset

not sure if most users experience this or not 




lenovo miix 320 just came out

it has 1920x1200 screen 

atom X5

USB type C

and includes keyboard

all for 199$

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