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Ring Ratio(Uncore in my case) at CPU idle and Ring voltage questions

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I've been reading through the forums and articles here, tweaktown, and watching youtube videos for overclocking my motherboard and have learned a lot so far, but I have a couple of questions.


I seem to have a stable overclock of 4.5Ghz going on G3258 in a Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 3 motherboard and I've noticed that when idle the core voltage and core ratio drop as I think I should expect them to with C states and EIST enabled. I've also noticed that when this happens the uncore ratio stays the same and does not drop. Is this normal behavior or should it be dropping like the core does?


Also in the BIOS settings I've got the Ring voltage set normal with an offset of 0.150v. I used this offset setting based on the BIOS seemingly indicating that the Normal setting is 1.050v and with the offset would get 1.2v. Does anyone know if the 1.050 is the actual voltage that the BIOS sets for Normal setting on the ring voltage for this motherboard? Is there a way other than a voltmeter to monitor this voltage?


My hardware and settings are as follows:

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3

Intel G3258

Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400 DDR3

Corsair 700 watt power supply (can't remember the exact model)

An older Nvidia GTX560Ti

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro v2 (I wished that I had read through these forums before buying it, but it seems to keep my temp spikes at a maximum of 70, so it's okay for now)

Uncore Ratio: 43

CPU Vcore: Normal

CPU Vcore offset: +0.150 (this gives me a Vcore of 1.200 at load)

CPU Ring voltage: Normal

CPU Ring Voltage Offset: +0.150

XMP profile 1 which set DRAM volatge at 1.65 at 2400

So far I haven't had to adjust Agent, Digital, or Analog voltages so they are all set to Auto.

All C states and EIST are enabled


Thanks for your time and feedback.

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