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NVIDIA is Giving Away Dead by Daylight Codes Just for Using GeForce Experience


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New games are always great to get, especially when they're free and you win them. NVIDIA knows this and is taking care of its GeForce Experience users with a game giveaway! What game, you ask? Well, Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer horror game where one person is the Killer and four others are Survivors. Or hopeful Survivors, if they can escape the Killer. Sounds fun, right? Dead by Daylight is also part of NVIDIA's Indie Spotlight Program, with the company extending support to small and indie devs by way of its marketing network. It means more people can know about games they might have ottherwise missed, like Dead by Daylight.

One way to do that is to give out keys at random to registered users of GeForce Experience 3.0. NVIDIA has $200,000 worth of keys for Dead by Daylight to hand out, so be sure to register (if you aren't) with GeForce Experience and have the chance to win the game!

Source: Press Release

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