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Braided Headphone Cable Project

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Last year I saw this Reddit post of a custom headphone cable and decided I must have one. I also wanted a shorter 4 ft cable vs the 8 ft stock cable. I browsed some online sites that made similar ones and they were all pricey $80+. I ended up buying the parts to make it myself. It costed less than half of what the sites were charging, so that was a bonus.


The longest part was threading each wire through the paracord. I had issues with the wire snagging inside the #275 paracord, so I switched to #325 which worked better for me. I made the mistake of starting with a lot more wire than I needed for a 4 ft run, because I really didn

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I did pretty much did the same exact thing last year when I made a couple of custom audio cables myself.  I used slightly different parts, but the results were the same.


I used Mogami W2893 cabling and Ampheno jacks.  Either way this is a great do it yourself project and a lot of fun.


Thanks for the write up..


Here is the step by step "how to" guide that I used;



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