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Sony Unveils Slimmer PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro; Both Arriving This Year

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Sony is currently holding its PlayStation Meeting, with CEO Andrew House unveiling a slimmer PlayStation 4 right at the start, as rumored. This new PS4 is slimmer and sleeker than the original model, while still keeping the design. Just in an even smaller package than the console already is. The new PS4 doesn't have a name like Slim or anything, it's just simply the PS4, replacing the current model and everything it can do. Everything inside the new PS4 is the same as the old, so it's still just as powerful, only smaller. It's going to arrive starting on September 15 in most markets for a mere $299, so if you haven't picked up a PS4 yet, you'll soon have the chance to get the new model.

One other item Sony showed off is the PlayStation 4 Pro, the rumored Neo system. PS4 Pro allows for 4K and HDR content, and will work alongside the current PS4. It features a GPU that is more than twice as powerful as the PS4, giving games a massive boost to their visual fidelity. It really should be something to see games running in native 4K on a game console, something we've had on PC for a while, of course, but now it'll be in the living room, too. All existing games will work on the PS4 Pro, with a way to transfer data between the two consoles in the works. It comes with a 1TB hard drive already installed, which should help out with storing your 4K content. Or streaming 4K video, thanks to the new Netflix app coming with the PS4 Pro.

As for the HDR part of the PS4 Pro, it gives games more of a pop to their colors, granting a new experience for games we may have already played, like Uncharted 4 or Infamous: Last Light. Not every game already out on PS4 can take advantage of the new tech, but many will be updated. Future games will be able to take advantage of both systems, so regardless of having a PS4 or a Pro, you'll be ready to play all the latest games. Oh, and starting next week, a firmware update for all PS4s will arrive to bring the HDR content to it. So the PS4 Pro gets it native, along with 4K, while every other PS4 can at least take advantage of HDR soon.

Luckily, we don't need to step up to a 4K or HDR TV, as the PS4 Pro knows what TV it is connected to and adapts the display accordingly. Graphics are still boosted above what a typical PS4 can display, running everything at 1080p and at possibly higher framerates, so we're still getting the extra fidelity regardless of TV used. Plus since the same discs and downloads you already have on your current PS4 will work on the PS4 Pro, you don't need to repurchase anything if you decide to step up to the new system.

If you're wondering when you can get the PS4 Pro, well, it'll be launching on November 10 for $399. So we're getting the new, slimmer PS4 next week, while the PS4 Pro a couple months later. Not too shabby, Sony.

Source: Livestream and PlayStation Blog


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