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How to make Win10 feeling like Win7?

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Does anyone know a program that will automatically turns all the extra settings off in windows 10?


I hated the look of Windows 8 and most of 10s stupid menu bar. it also has stupid forced things like OneDrive and Defender that turns itself back on after every restart. I basically just want windows 7 with DX12 support. These stupid locks that stops me from installing programs that aren't certified by windows needs to stop too. M$ is going the way of Apple and forcing you to use the App store for anything you want to download or install. Its funny that that I have to install a 7 year old OS because M$ can't get their act together and make an OS without bloatware.


Anyone have a simple solution to rid of all these stupid Window 10 features and just give me the barebones?

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So turn off the features you don't want? OneDrive reactivated itself for the anniversary update, but that's the only time it has popped up for me in a year.


Defender can be forced off...but why?


I don't know what locks you're talking about though...MS doesn't block you from installing any software. Only drivers require signing, and it's been that was since Vista.

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There are a few things that you can do.


1. Watch Barnacules "Disable Win 10 Spying - Provacy and Security

He will take you thru all of the Win 10 Settings explain what they do.



2. Download and install Spybot Anti-Beacon.

Barnacules will tell you how to use the software

It is Freeware - like Spybot.



3. One other video is by Tech YES City - How to optimize Windows 10 for Gaming and Power

This video is pretty "out there", but, if you pay attention, has some pretty good suggestions.

I did not implement all of them but some suggestions worked as I wanted them to.,



Hope this helps.

Good luck............

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Best solution is Waco's, just turn off features you dislike.


On my personal  W10 new installs I turn off or adjust most apps, features and settings apx. 52,.. and I disable lock screen, sign in screen, so the system boots straight into my start screen. I agree most of Windows apps,features are annoying, unnecessary.  

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