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cell phone traders

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have any of you heard or used this company " cell phone traders " ? they are offering me over 400.00 dollars for my samsung s6 + phone.

They pay shipping and I have to send them the phone first. Im worried that once I send it that I wont get the money

or as much as they offered.

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Never heard of the company but seeing how I found these on ebay for $400 (att) and $430 for Verizon's...both are brand new in box... I don't know if i'd exactly trust em seeing how you can buy them at this price new but then again it only offered me $79 for my S4 but who knows on the legitimacy of this company





edit: Just read 2 reviews of that site where folks sent in their stuff and were quoted alot but once their "professionals" examined their equipment they lowballed them saying it was only worth like 10-15 dollars (one was a phone and other was on a laptop) Also read if you don't like their offer you must pay for the return shipping.  I'd stay away because unless you like their offer your paying them one way or the other

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I was thinking that the offer was to high. Over 400 bucks for a used phone seems to be a lot.

Verizon has offered 216.00 and I was planning on doing that. I do think the phone is worth maybe 250.00-300.00.

Its the Galaxy s6+ and in great shape.

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