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8TB Hard Drives Great for Reliability and Storage Density

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Backblaze is a cloud backup and storage service that has made a name for itself with custom designed storage enclosures and releases quarterly reports on the hard drives used in its systems. The latest report gives high regards to the reliability of 8TB hard drives from both Hitachi and Seagate. Backblaze started to convert to 8TB drives with 45 Hitachi drives to improve storage density and later added 2,700 Seagate drives to the mix. The Hitachi drives have an annualized failure rate of 3.2% while the Seagate drives were at 3.3%. This measure is calculated by counting the number of days a drive was installed in a system at the time of failure. The majority of the drives used by Backblaze remain a 4TB Seagate drive with a failure rate of 2.7% over 34,693 drives.

Source: Yahoo

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