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Windows 10

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Looks like I'll be running Windows 10.


I left my PC on with screen turned off, came back an hour or so later, turned the screen back on and my PC is 10% into the Windows 10 upgrade.


I was seriously considering upgrading before the offer ended but it would of been nice to be asked!

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Now if you want you can revert back to your old os within 30 days and go back to w10 anytime as long as you don't change any serious hardware !

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There is something you should be aware of.


1. If you are running 32bit then you should reinstall to 64bit as there is a significant difference between the two

I know, I know, MS says there is not but for some time now MS has always put more into its 64bit OS systems.

And yes, an upgrade to 64bit means reinstalling every piece of software you have........

But, Win 7/8 Solitare, Freecell. etc will not run under Win 10 32bit but will under 64bit

Required a free download but .......................


2. There are different YouTube videos about how to clean up Win 10 to make it less intrusive.

Of those vids, this is probably the best. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1kGMCfb2xw


Good luck

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