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How do you guys think about pretty affordable xbox one power supply

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I am newbie named David and I have been checking out the OCC,i am so pretty glad to join one of the most professional and influenced technology forum where tons of professional game reviewer must gather.

I am a game addict,unfortunately,my power supply is broken and i urgently need a replacement, i have found a xobox one power supply on amazon that i am interested in,being sold by a well-known yccteam seller,i have seen many others,but most of which are priced a bit high,this one is not only discounted sold at 20% off by inputing 9QOKPKW9 code  but higly praised,i am so tempted to purchase,but id like to know if these review are unbiased!Has anyone got this power adapter similar and wold not mind giving a quick run down of what it is like?Or if anyone could find some practical information on it as wll,that would be great.Highly appreciated to anyone's recommendations


I paste the link to the listing:www.amazon.com.uk/dp/BO1AUMAH96

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