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4930k not running at max speed in games

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Hello. I've recently overclocked my 4930k to 4.2ghz to get a boost in games.


The problem is, core speed stays at 3.6ghz (stock with turbo) when I'm gaming, yet when I run prime95 to stress test it goes up to my 4.2ghz.


My display is 2560x1600 so I really need all the juice I can get from my cpu when gaming.


I currenly have speedstep on because I prefer not having my cpu running at 100% all the time when idle and doing other stuff. I'm still confused about C-State/C1E and if I should leave this on/off or auto.


I'm also not sure if I should manually set my vcore (I currently do) @ 1.2 or if I should just leave it at auto as it seems to be fluctuating anyway.


Mobo is asus p9x79 ws



tldr; I want to utilize max core speed in games


Any help apprectiated

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First make sure the program you're using isn't just showing you one core and ignoring the rest as rarely will a game fully load all 6. As a side note at higher resolutions the 'bottleneck' becomes the GPU instead if the CPU.


The c-state stuff/etc should all be fine at auto.


By prime kicking the speed up it sounds more like the game(s) in question aren't loading the CPU as heavily.

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