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Ive had this setup for a while now and its always had a problem in games when there are vertical edges in view. What happens is I move the view horizontally fast and the vertical edges arent aligned down the scanlines (horizontally shifted) until i come to a stop. Then the picture is perfect again. Ive tried everything. Disabled and enabled all 3d options. It happens in both opengl and direct3d. It happens at all resolutions and graphic qualities. It happens with vsync on.It happenes with all drivers. It happened with my previous ati 9600xt. It happens with different monitors. Curiously it also happens on another pc i built(same mobo and cpu with fx5200). So now I dont know what to do anymore. I heard about xp having a refresh rate problem and I wonder if that could be what causes it, since i didnt install any fixes for this. Any input is appreciated...


my monitor is a samsung 753df. Im running XP with SP1b. Currently have cat 4.2 installed with DX9.


thanx in advance

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