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Question regarding toner transfers on custom painted case

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I have an NZXT Phantom. I've already started the painting process in an isolated structure, doing all the right things. But I have a question regarding an image transfer:
Are any of these methods viable ways to apply an image to the side panel after the final color coat layer and before the clear coat?

The methods I know of (simplified for brevity) are:

1- Inkjet printing to aluminum flashing. If using this method, I would "frame" the flashing in to hide borders.

2- Wax paper toner transfers.

3- Solvent based toner transfers, involving "dissolving" away the medium leaving only the image.

The image in question is this:




The case itself is going to be primarily two-tone: Dark black and a medium-dark grey. Gunmetal Grey and a darker metallic gold.

EDIT: My concern is not that it won't work, I know that any of these (save the solvent method possibly) can and would work. The question is, would the applied image be of worthwhile quality on such a finish or is this a lost venture? I'm hoping someone has tried this or has enough experience to give me an informed decision. Don't want to ruin a few days' painting with an image that throws the whole thing off.

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