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Fallout 4's Creation Kit Finally Arrives; PC Mods Now, XBO in May, PS4 in June


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At long last, the Creation Kit is here for Fallout 4, bringing with it the official tools to properly build and integrate mods into Bethesda's latest RPG. Of course, this hasn't stopped modders since the game came out in November, as the Nexus has more than 8,000 files available to downloa and work into your game (I'm already up over 180 installed mods on my copy). It's an impressive amount when you consider these modders have done it all without the Creation Kit, so now we can only go up from here in terms of content and options. New quests, voiced companions and NPCs, new lands, more outfits and weapons, expanded dialogue, and far more is possible with the Creation Kit, with everything handled inside of Fallout 4. That's right, you can browse, download, install, provide feedback, and select favorites from inside the Mods menu in Fallout 4. For the Creation Kit, you just have to grab the Bethesda.net launcher and go from there. It's all quite streamlined and simple, which is nice to have for a game.

To go with the Creation Kit, Bethesda has an update on mods for the consoles. The Xbox One will receive mod support in May, with PlayStation 4 getting it in June. Any mod posted to Bethesda.net can be downloaded on your console of choice, while anything not shared there is PC-only. Bethesda did say some mods won't be allowed on Bethesda.net and the consoles, but for the most part any you can find on the Nexus will more than likely be available on all platforms. The Creation Kit is still considered an open beta, so features may change over time, but it's nice to have the official tools either way. Now we can see what kind of mods and creations await us, along with the Far Harbor DLC next month and whatever else Bethesda has planned later this year.

Sources: Bethesda.net and Nexus

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