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Dota 2 Update 6.87 Announced


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Just over 24 hours after Chinese team Wings Gaming beat Team Liquid at the ESL One Manila event, Valve has announced gameplay update 6.87 for Dota 2. This is the first major update since version 6.86 was released in December and it brings many significant changes to heroes, items, and gameplay mechanics. Some players will probably be disappointed that the update doesn't contain a new hero, but complaints about a stale "meta" are sure to be reduced. The addition of a ban phase to the ranked All Pick game mode is the most significant and exciting development in my opinion and should make for more interesting, diverse, and fun games. A total of seven new items were added to the game while a number of others had functionality, recipes, and costs altered. There are too many changes to be able to go into depth on all of them here, so be sure to check the patch notes for information on all of the changes. A number of professional players have already chimed in on Twitter with mixed reactions to the changes as far as people that I follow. Others are planning to do in depth analysis of the changes, likely on Twitch with the videos later available for viewing.

Source: Dota 2 Blog

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