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Consumer NVIDIA Pascal GPUs May Use Both GDDR5 and GDDR5X


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As we approach the announcements and releases of the next generation of GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA, more and more rumors have been coming out. This rumor is that the consumer versions of NVIDIA's upcoming Pascal GPUs will use both GDDR5 and GDDR5X. For those hoping to see HBM 1 or 2, this rumor might be a disappointment, but it also makes sense because of the limited availability of these memory chips and their cost. Plus GDDR5X represents and significant improvement over GDDR5, doubling the current standard's performance and density, without increasing memory usage.

The rumor says that the top-of-the-line Pascal consumer card, referred to as the GTX 1080, will use GDDR5X, while the step-down GTX 1070 will use GDDR5 memory instead. This is somewhat interesting, if it turns out to be true, because GDDR5 and GDDR5X chips use different pin arrays, making different PCBs necessary for the two versions of the GP104 GPU die.

Source: WCCFtech

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