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Dedicated 8570m Scores lower than Onboard 6520G?

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Hello Friends.
I am in a bit of dilemma, and this question comes purely out of curiosity.

I was running Furmark 1.9 (Standard 720P bench) on some of my Machines to get a idea about their Performance. Guess what, 8570m Scored 303, Onboard 6520G scored 400!
To give you an idea, here are the specs of machines-

AMD A8 6410 @ 2Ghz, Turbo 2.4 (Beema) (Onbiard R5 Gfx disabled)
Dedicated 8570m, 384 GCN shaders, 650mhz core, 900mhz memory
4GB Ram
Furmark 1.9- 303.

Acer 5560
AMD A6-3420m @ 1.5 ghz. LLano
Onboard 6520g, 320 VLIW shaders, 400mhz core. No dedicated mem, 666mhz system ram,
8GB Ram
Furmark 1.9- 400.

As you can see, the 8570 appears to have a clear advantage, mathematically. The CPU, GPU shaders, Clock speeds, everything!. Of course, both Machines were plugged in, Power profile set to HIGH PERFORMANCE and ATI power play to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE.

Please guide regarding the anomaly.

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