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Well, ya gotta start somewhere...




Meaning to be "Elite". From Leet Speak 1337=leet



PS/2, Serial, or USB port device used to navigate the cursor for use with the operating system GUI.


Operating System/OS

Computer interface designed for user input and output. Also used for mutimedia, business, and gaming applications.


As for the name of this thing... It's not the most impressive name, but maybe "Techlopedia" might do....



More later ;)

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People who are experts in information technology.


ID-10-T Error

Any person having problems which are known as idiot errors. Ex. Monitor won't work! (Plug it in)

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Network Integrated Controller



Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor / EEPROM that contains the BIOS software



Basic Input/Output System


Thermal Diode

Electronic device used to bring thermal temperature information to the BIOS



Modified Frequency Modulation - The 1st method of data information transfer from a hard drive to the motherboard and vise versa. Extinct when the 286 era evolved.



Run Length Limited - The 2nd method of data information transfer from a hard drive to the motherboard and vise versa. Extinct when the 286 era evolved.


WD 1003

Hard drive standard created by Western Digital for use with MFM/RLL hard disk drives



Integrated Drive Electronics - Communication standard that takes place between the motherboard and the controller on the hard disk drive. Successor to the WD 1003 standard.



Small Computer System Interface - Provides faster data transmission then normal IDE standards and is also used in Rebundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) systems


Some techie joke lingo:



Situation Normal All *beep*ed Up



Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair



*Beep*ed Up Beyond All Recognition


Mac Terms:



Apple Desktop BUS - Macintosh interface for keyboards, mice, and modems such as the GeoPort.



An Apple Macintosh upgrade slot for use with processor upgrades and video card addons. Became extinct during the 68040 era of Macintoshes.



PowerPC - RISC Processor co-developed by Motorola and International Business Machines (IBM) that could run both RISC applications and CISC applications. Commonly found in PowerMacintosh computers and older DEC Alpha towers.

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Well, ya gotta start somewhere...

If you gotta start somewhere U might as well start with something for the beginnners :P


Laugh out Loud

To Laugh out Loud / LOL


Rolling On Floor Laughing

Another form of Laughing online/ ROFL



To describe Input and Output devices/ I/O


Complete Instruction Set Computer

The term complex instruction set computer or computing refers to computers designed with a full set of computer instructions that were intended to provide needed capabilities in the most efficient way. / CISC


Reduced Instruction Set Computer

The term reduced instruction set computer refers to a microprocessor that is designed to perform a smaller number of types of computer instructions so that it can operate at a higher speed. / RISC


And to take off from where FxXP left off

Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive (or Independent) Disks

A category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance. / RAID

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Well it took long enough for everyone to catch on :P And I just realized no one wrote the most important definition!!!! (first one below)


Overclock, OC

To raise the clock speed of an electrical component. Namely a graphics processing unit, central processing unit, or memory module by raising the front side bus (FSB) and/or the multiplier.




Slang for computer system


Hard Drive, HDD

Abbreviation for Hard Disk Drive. The primary device a computer uses to permanently write, save and retrieve data.


Motherboard, MOBO

The main circuit board inside a computer, containing the central processing unit, the bus, memory sockets, expansion slots, and integrated peripheral devices.


Random Access Memory

RAM, the most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on.



Peripheral Component Interconnect. An interconnection system between a CPU and attached devices in which expansion slots are spaced closely for high-speed operation.



Accelerated Graphics Port. An interface specification that enables 3-D graphics to display quickly on personal computers. AGP is based on PCI, but is designed especially for the high throughput requirements of 3-D graphics. Rather than using the PCI bus for graphics data, AGP introduces a dedicated point-to-point channel so that the graphics controller can directly access main memory






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Central Processing Unit. Commucates all other devices of a PC



Personal Computer. Although meaning Personal Computer, commonly refers to a Windows or *nix based computer.



Generic term for any Unix-based OS. Most commonly, Linux distros.



Short for Distrobution. A verison of Linux.



One with inferior knowledge, or one who displays immaturity. Can also refer to online gaming, in which a newb is commonly a beginner and not good at the game he or she engages in

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I honestly can't believe this isn't the first thing that came up


Blue Screen of Death

Windows error message stemming from a critical system file error. Blue screen that appears when crashing Windows A.K.A. BSOD

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QWERTY Keyboard

The standard typewriteer or computer keyboard, with the characters Q, W, E, R, T, and Y on the top row of alpha keys. Qwerty is also the name of the inventor of this keyboard.



Extended Architecture



Command used in DOS versions 3.1 and later to copy files.



EXtended Graphics Array



eXtended Memory Specification



Standard ASCII control characters used to tell an intelligent device to stop or resume transmitting data.




I'll have more later but I have to get to school for now.

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