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10nm Intel Cannonlake Arriving Late Next Year


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Intel has confirmed its plans to release 10nm Cannonlake based processors in the second half of 2017 to investing site The Motley Fool. This has been the rumored time frame for a few months, but a job posting discovered by the Fool led to some speculation that Intel would have difficulty meeting the deadline, pushing the release back to 2018. For some time Intel has been releasing CPUs in a Tick-Tock format, wherein the company "would release a Tick, a new (smaller) process node which will be using an existing architecture with minor updates and that would be followed by a Tock, a brand new microarchitecture built upon an existing process node." The constant push for smaller transistors has altered this schedule, causing Intel to add a third Tock with a minor update to a current microarchitecture. The upcoming 14nm Kaby Lake CPUs represent the third Tock and Cannonlake opening the next cycle as the Tick.

Source: The Motley Fool via WCCF Tech

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