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Hey Mr.Owen great work as usual!!! I am about to get started on my mastercase project and I am going to do a psu cover like you did here but was wondering what drill bits to use for acrylic paneling? I need to have a way to inbed the magnets. Thank you once again for all the help!

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It seems the BILLET combs are just too small for some of the thicker cable this corsair PSU uses like the main power cables for the 24-pin CPU connector and the PCIe power cables.  After sleeving they're just too thick to fit.  Are your Ensourced cable combs any bigger, what makes them different than your normal BILLET combs?


Do you think it would be alright If I made my own 24-pin extension and used 18-gauge wire instead of 16?  Shouldn't 18-gauge wire technically be perfectly acceptable for ALL PSU cables?

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