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SETI (newer Thread)

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Well I started a new thread on this cause I guess this is a totally different question, though we're still just talkin about SETI newbies...

eh well first off I'd like to say I finished my first WU tonight..

w00t... took like 8 hours...

this new ones at %15... but anyway...

It doesn't show up first off on the members list that I've done anything, or at least finished it... I guess it could be just seti backed up and it should show later on... also I was gonna say I dont have access to the seti forum but I think that's cause it hasnt come up yet that I finished... I exited seti and restarted and checked 2 see if it'd come up but it didnt...

I guess I just gotta wait but is this uncommon???

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k its not on the group still, but when I check my stats I get stuff...


Your credit:

Name (and URL) VolcomPimp

Results Received 1

Total CPU Time 8 hr 04 min

Average CPU Time per work unit 8 hr 04 min 26.1 sec

Average results received per day 0.88

Last result returned: Wed Aug 14 08:36:06 2002 UTC

Registered on: Tue Aug 13 06:16:33 2002 UTC

View Registration Class

[email protected] user for: 27 hr 12 min

Your group info:

You belong to the group named: OverclockersClub.com

You are not currently the founder of any teams.


Your rank: (based on current workunits received)


Your rank out of 3909184 total users is: 2259884th place.

The number of users who have this rank: 316876

You have completed more work units than 34.084% of our users.

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Ya, the team stats don't update immediately... it can be anywhere from an hour to six... maybe more before they update. Your personal stat page should update everytime you complete a WU.


For you to get access to the SETI forum, Matt has to add you. Give it time, and he'll do it. I was a member of the team for a month before I got access...

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yeah I completed my first one.. it was like 7 hrs.. w00t w00t


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ok cool it updated and he gave me access.... w00t...

thanx matt...

now I just gotta figure out what all this stuff means...

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