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Alienware Predator 2 Halo Banshee/Ghost Case mod

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So after building my first full case mod. I've got a modding bug going on. I was searching for a case that was organic and smooth in shape. Originally I was going to use a Silverstone Raven RV01 but those cases are supremely expensive and hard to come by now. So I decided on a case mod Classic. The Alienware Predator 2 case. I figured since the top and front are very smooth (Similar to a Ghosts) I can pull it off. So here are the goals of the cases build.


I will end up doing a whole video of my current G5 case and a step by step on how I built the Alienware as well.


Covenant Case list (Subject to change)
-Alienware Active vent system ontop controlled by an Arduino
-Full LED control system (Also Controlled by Arduino)
-Purple Crinckle-style powder coat for the chassis

-Various holes cut for cable management
-Color urethane painted front bezel (and painted active vent, shifting colors blue-purple)
-Steel weathered side vents
-Legendary Halo Emblem 3D printed to replace the Alienware Front Logo

  -Attached to a frosted acrylic back (Backlit by Blue breathing effect LEDS as a power indicator)

  -Hole cut in the outer edge pattern of the Emblem
-Custom Acrylic side window (CNC'd in the pattern close to the plasma sword)
-Custom sleeved Purple, Black, Grey and Grey-blue
-Covenant font writing decal
-Chameleon paint Motherboard heat sinks

LED setup
-UV Underglow
-Green Power & Vent
-Blue internal LED


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