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Apple Exploring Added Security Options for iPhone and iCloud


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Apple has been at the center of digital privacy discussions lately as it fights an FBI order to create a backdoor to access data on an iPhone belonging to the suspects in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company is "protesting the order" and a number of prominent names in the technology sector such as Mark Zuckerberg and John McAfee have chimed in as well. The FBI contends that Apple could create this backdoor as the current design of the device firmware update (DFU) mode, which exists for "troubleshooting purposes," can be accessed without the need for the iPhone passcode. In order to prevent these types of requests in the future, Apple is considering adding the need to know the passcode to unlock the phone as a requirement to enter DFU. In addition to this, Apple is also considering how it handles encryption of iCloud data. It currently encrypts all the data, but it also holds onto all of the decryption keys. If it were to give the public decryption key to the owner of the data, then it could not be forced to decrypt the data.

Source: Tech Crunch

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