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Gixen or Myibidder


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I hope this is the correct forum for this. I have previously purchased a few items on Ebay, but never have done an auction, always have done the Buy It Now approach. But lately I've been considering trying to get some things (hopefully less expensive) by going through an auction. I looked for add-ons for my browser, which is Firefox, and found 2 add-ons: one is "Gixen" and the other is "Myibidder".


From what I have learned, these are programs that do "sniping", so that I enter the maximum amount that I'm willing to pay for an item, and then the software waits until the last couple seconds before the auction ends and then automatically places my bid, if it hasn't already been exceeded. Also, there appears to be some discussion about "sniping"......whether it is ethical or not.


Please help a novice like me.........is there anything wrong about sniping?


If not, which add-on is good, Gixen or Myibidder?

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