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RMA Success Thread 2016

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Well with the new year upon us and with a new RMA complete, I figure it's time for this years RMA Success thread (2014/2015 Thread here)


Manufacturer: ORICO

Product that was RMA'd: Tool Free 2.5" SATA USB 3.0 External Enclosure (2588US3)

Warranty period on original product: 1 year Warranty

First time this product had to be repaired/replaced: No

How long product lasted before failure: 2months and 18 days/79 days (Bought on 7/3/15, Rec'd first RMA replacement on 10/30/15)

Product received from RMA: Tool Free 2.5" SATA USB 3.0 External Enclosure (2588S3)

Warranty period on received product: 1 year Warranty (ending when the original warranty did/does)


Time Table:

Jan 17th: Emailed them

Jan 21st: ORICO responded and shipped out replacement and let me keep the damaged one (Guess the old one, like the first one that failed, shall become a new 2.5" drive storage container hehe).

Jan 27th: Received replacement enclosure

Turn around time: N/A, item did not need to be shipped in.

Total time: 8 days (8 business days)



Was the problem solved: Yes

Was the RMA easy to setup: Yes

Were you satisfied with turnaround time: Yes

Did they meet or exceed your expectations of a good RMA, and why: I knew what I was getting into since this was my second RMA with ORICO, for the same product no less. Even still, this time it only took 10 days instead of 14 days which was an improvement. They even upgraded me to the next model up, which was nice. According to one of the reviews on Amazon the model# 2588US3 that I had seems to be the one that fails because it has a shittier JMicron controller whereas the replacement (2588S3) has an ASMedia ASM1153E controller that is much better I hear.


Would buy from this manufacturer again: Yes, based on the Amazon review, I'm going to guess that the first two enclosure failures were not so much ORICO's fault but rather that of the crappy JMicron controller that is said to fail often. We'll see if there's a third RMA post about this. I haven't had the greatest luck with enclosures from any manufacturer (but could just have been drawing the short straws and buying ones with crappy controllers this whole time, who knows.) In any case, ORICO has been more than helpful with helping me out whenever their products failed on me, so yes I'd buy from them again without a doubt!

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