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Thank you!


Done with the wire management for tonight. I don't want to go crazy on it before the new sleeving materials come in. It'll do for now. Final shot until I get the CPU and cooler mounted. Definitely gonna have to paint those ugly ass Noctua fans soon.


Note: The psu fan is facing downwards and is sucking cool air in through the bottom of the case which has a honeycomb style cutout as well as a dust filter. It then exhausts out the back of the case. This will definitely help keep it nice and cool and hopefully prolong its life. Like the last build, I plan on keeping this one for about 5 or so years with minimal upgrades (i.e. none unless there's an awesome deal on a used component).




Booty pic, loving the black and white. Really happy with it so far.



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I am mad... I bought the processor a week ago. It gave me a date estimate of Saturday at the very latest. It finally shipped out today, and it'll be showing up Monday... I won't get to enjoy my new build this weekend. :(

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Didn't get to do any work on the rig this weekend because I've been super busy, but I did test sleeve one of the Noctua fans with some arctic camo paracord. Shitty cell phone picture, but I adjusted the colors so that the paracord looks the way it looks in person. CPU comes in tomorrow, at which point I'll fire it up for the first time!



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