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My build is probably going to stink, so I'm naming it the onion. I'm going for a black and white kind of thing with it, and I have a trick up my sleeve to make it pretty unique, but you'll just have to wait and see.



  • Asus Z170A
  • Intel i7 6700k
  • Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR4-3000
  • Samsung Evo 850 500 GB
  • Evga SuperNova G2 650 Watt
  • Gigabyte GTX 970
  • Fractal Core 3300
  • CPU Cooler Undecided, maybe NH-D14?


Part Photos









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@Kwok - The pic isn't mine, I just received some parts this morning. I need to draw the line at the D14 as it already is somewhat pricey. If I get the D15S, I'll want to get the D15, and then I'll be spending 25 more than I was planning on for some marginal gains.


@VicVic - No, I just got the motherboard and SSD this morning.




Asus Z170-A.




Not as black and white as I wanted, but it'll have to do.




Luckily the SATA cables are perfect for the build!




Samsung Evo 850 500 GB. Not as fast as the Pro 850 but I got a good deal on this drive.




Perfect for the color scheme.



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A few months ago I replaced the drive in a Sager laptop with a Samsung Evo 850 250 GB drive. Completely forgot I had the old drive stashed away. I'll pop it in the rig and use it for storage, probably just music, lower bitrate movies, and other large files that don't require too much speed. Its still a 7200 rpm drive, so it shouldn't be too bad.



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