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decided to make another computer desk but this time with watercooling. I'm only part way done. Few weeks left


Just the table



dropped it in




made some adjustments for support



getting close..



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Making progress. Finally got the desk built and in place. Now I just need some more water cooling parts. So expensive! I have everything but a MB block and a rez/d5 combo unit. Don't need either but it would look cleaner.






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Finally got around to setting up the water. Had to order about $130 of extra parts I didn't have laying around. So far CPU is 50C under Prime95 and the GPU is 34c looping Heaven Bench.


On air cooling before the tear down


removing the heatsink for the 780Ti


Cleaned off the GPU!


Thermal pads!


All together now :)


I think a bomb went off!


Leak testing.


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Yeah I just went to Lowes and got 2x8s, some planks and cut them up. Made it 28~x44" so the plexi would fit without cutting it. I didn't draw it out first so I ran into a lot of problems to solve after the fact. Like how low will the shelf be? do I have room to fit everything on? I ended up making another smaller shelf below the big one for the power supply. I didn't measure so the hard drive cage won't fit.. :wallbash:


Took an old case and punched out the rivets. Still had issues with it being straight. Better off to make custom standoff if I thought of it first.

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Decided to add a motherboard water block after having to keep a fan on the VRM heatsink. Seemed like it defeated the purpose of watercooling if you have air cool it anyways.


After installing the block, I realized it was a big hassle. I should have bought one of those motherboard/cpu monoblocks because of spacing issues. My original idea of the connectors was completely different and I was forced to have it setup the way it is :/


I also initially forgot to look closely at the cpu block since it came used from ebay. Well...I found a bunch of gunk inside the block. Took it apart and cleaned it up, it should drop the temps a few more degrees. So when you buy used stuff on ebay, make a note to take apart anyways even if you think its not necessary.





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