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GDDR5X Specifications Released by JEDEC


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There has been a lot of focus and interest in HBM for graphics cards for quite some time now, as it can offer tremendous performance, increased capacity, and lowered energy, but it is not ideal for every application. While AMD and NVIDIA are planning to use it in higher end graphics cards, the cost of HBM will almost certainly keep it out of mid-range and lower cards. Fortunately those GPUs are not going to be left with just GDDR5 as now JEDEC has officially published the specifications for GDDR5X.

This new memory standard is capable of doubling the performance of GDDR5 with data rates reaching 14 Gb/s. On a 256-bit bus, it will be able to reach a bandwidth of 448 GB/s. It will also achieve this without higher voltages, and the memory chips themselves will be smaller thanks to Micron doubling the density compared to GDDR5. To provide for a smoother transition, the specification does share some aspects with GDDR5, such as the same pseudo open drain (POD) signaling.

While GDDR5X does represent a significant improvement over GDDR5, it is not on the level of HBM, so you will not see this in high-end graphics cards. Instead it will mostly likely be used in less expensive cards, so even those with limited budgets will be able to enjoy superior memory.

Source: WCCFtech

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