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Vulkan Developers Day Held by NVIDIA


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Recently NVIDIA held its first ever Vulkan Developers Day at the company's Silicon Valley headquarters. For those who do not remember, Vulkan is the next generation graphics and compute API being developed by the Khronos Group, which also developed and maintained OpenGL. Like OpenGL, Vulkan is going to be an open-standard API that will work with various platforms and devices, and like DirectX 12, it is being designed to be more efficient and allow applications direct control over the GPU. Such low level APIs can significantly reduce CPU overhead, improving performance. Both APIs can also work across multiple CPU threads, further increasing performance.

At the Vulkan Developers Day, several key engineers from NVIDIA and its partners discussed and gave lectures on the best ways to leverage the power of Vulkan, and naturally how to do so with NVIDIA hardware. John McDonald of Valve also spoke about High Performance Vulkan Programming. The day ended with workshop sessions and time for developers to speak with the engineers directly. Once Vulkan is publicly released, recordings of the sessions will be made available through NVIDIA's developer portal.

Source: NVIDIA Blog

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