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D-Link dsl-2544n router capabilities?


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Hi People, Gurus and Experts.

Question time again.

I have this modem router and it is capable of streaming movies on Netflix.

My home is close to connecting to the NBN rollout and I Googled NBN modem routers, or routers and nothing showed up as being NBN ready from the Manufacturer websites.


This Modem  has

  • IEEE 802.11n/ 802.11g/ 802.11b/ 802.3/ 802.3u
  • The manual says good for up to 25Mbps. But the 802.11n is for 600Mbps. (is this for wireless speed only?)
  • I want to (maybe) sign up for a 50Mbps speed ISP deal.
  • Is this enough info for some help or do I need to know codecs for the NBN cable stuff?

Aha.... just saw something. it says NBN/UFB ready. (UFB? Never heard of it. Ultra fine Bulls*** maybe?)

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