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The Division Starts Its Closed Beta on January 28


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The upcoming Ubisoft game, The Division will not be released until March 8, but if you want to try it out sooner, the closed beta is starting the end of this month. For Xbox One users it starts on January 28, while Playstation 4 and PC players get to dive in on January 29. It will run until January 31 and you can secure a spot in the beta by pre-ordering the game, but you can also put yourself on a waitlist to possibly get a spot that way.

The Division is set weeks after a pandemic devastates New York City, when basic services are failing and supplies are running out. The Division is a tactical unit that has been activated to save the collapsing society. The beta will let you play through some of the early story-drive missions that are meant to establish your foothold in the city. You will also be able to enter the PvP-enable Dark Zone and work with and against other agents to gather loot.

Source: UbiBlog

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