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Important Finding for Future Uses of Graphene


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There are a lot of people that want to see graphene used in electronics, because it has great electric properties, including very high electron mobility. It is still a relatively new material though, and so its properties and interactions are still unknown. Researchers at Tohoku University though have recently made a discovery about how graphene nanoribbons connect, which could help see them made into electronics.

Graphene itself is an atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms, and a nanoribbon of it would just be a long but narrow piece. The molecular structure of graphene is comprised of hexagons, like chicken wire, which means it can have multiple edge geometries, and these greatly affect its properties. Some of these geometries provide interconnection points, while others do not and it is important to know how connecting nanoribbons at these points will affect their properties. The researchers found that when connecting nanoribbons with zigzag edges, forming an elbow structure, the electronic properties are not affected. Electrons will travel smoothly across the connection and not suffer increased resistance.

This is very important to know because if graphene nanoribbons are to enter electronics, we need to know how to connect them and how their properties will be affected. With these answers, we are a step closer to using them to create high performance and efficiency electronics based on graphene.

Source: Tohoku University

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