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AMD Moving to Unified Socket with Zen


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A lot of people are already looking forward to the release of the Zen architecture by AMD later this year. It is expected to come with a significant performance improvement over current AMD processors and include support new technologies like DDR4. Now it has been confirmed that it will be on a unified socket named AM4.

Currently AMD employs three sockets and each covers a different platform class. The AM3+ socket is the one used by the company's high performance CPUs, with FM2+ for the APUs, and finally the AM1 socket is for entry level platforms. Going to a single socket will tremendously simplify things for many people as all Zen-supporting motherboards will be able to accept any Zen-based processor. This does also mean that anyone wanting to upgrade to Zen, when it launches, will also have to upgrade their motherboard, so you will have to save up a bit more to make the move.

Source: Legit Reviews

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