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be quiet! Launches the Pure Power 9 Power Supply Series


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Be quiet! is a name that's been gaining ground in the U.S. over the years, and with CES this week it saw the perfect opportunity to launch a new power supply series. The be quiet! Pure Power 9 builds on the success of the Pure Power 8 and improves it in a number of key areas. It's available in both a fixed cable and modular style, so you can pick whichever one will best suit your build. It has a higher performance level than its predecessor, but a lower operating volume thanks to a new 120mm fan so you can hardly hear it running. Reliability is improved so it's now 80 PLUS Silver certified. The cables for both the fixed and modular versions are plentiful, with more SATA connectors, a longer P8 and 24-pin to better provide power to your system without worrying if the cables will reach, an all-black connector and wire design, and flat peripheral and PCIe cables for a slimmer look.

The be quiet! Pure Power 9's modular version will arrive in March, with 400, 500, 600, and 700W models available. The fixed cable version arrives in June, with the same wattage models available. Each PSU comes with a three-year warranty. Be quiet! also announced a red version of its SB600 and 800 cases will be available soon, with the same price as the windowed and non-windowed of the current colors. You can also see some shots of the Shadow Rock Slim, Shadow Rock 2, Pure Rock, Shadow Rock LP, Dark Rock TF, and the massive Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU coolers below.

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