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MSI Showcases Plenty of Products at CES


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MSI, a worldwide leader in computer components that was founded in 1986, has chosen to unveil a wealth of different products at this year's CES. In terms of laptops and mobile computing units, MSI is showcasing the GS40 Phantom, the GT72S Tobii, the GS72 Stealth Pro, and the WS72 Workstation. The company is also showing off various desktop units, such as the Cubi 2 Plus, the Vortex Gaming Tower, and the Nightblade X2/MI2. The Gaming 27XT is also on display at CES, which is the world's first all-in-one computer that is capable of supporting an external desktop graphics card. Motherboard wise, MSI is revealing the Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON Edition, the X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON Edition, and the B150M GAMING 3X. While the company is not showing off any new graphics cards at CES, it is showing off various accessories such as three-way and four-way SLI bridges, as well as technology advances and partnerships..

Interested CES attendees can take a look at all of the aforementioned products and more at the MSI booth, which will be available from today until January 9.

Source: Press Release

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