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Thermaltake Introduces the Core X71 and Core X31 Cases


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CES time means plenty of new product, with Thermaltake introducing two new members to its Core line of computer cases. The Core X71 and Core X31 feature a design with water cooling in mind, with plenty of space inside for whatever kind of rig you want to build. The Core X71 is a full tower case, with the Core X31 a mid-tower, making one or the other ideal for system builders. The Core X71 features a dual chamber design that places the hard drives, PSU, fans, and radiators in the lower compartment, with everything else in the top one. It allows the motherboard, video card(s), CPU, and other high heat gear to be isolated away and get as much cooling directed at it as possible. The Core X71 also has a fully modular design, so you can remove the HDD/SSD cage and set it wherever you wish inside the case. Radiators can be installed in multiple locations thanks to the case's 250mm width, with the lower chamber even supporting a 360mm rad on either side. Two 140mm Riing fans are pre-installed in the front of the case, with a 140mm in the rear to help aid in airflow if you plan to stick with air cooling. Or for water, if you're only doing a partial water build.

The Core X31 retains the modular concept of its big brother, but lacks the dual chamber design since it's a smaller case. The X71 features a "2+5" bay design, but the X31 is only a "2+3" design, but that doesn't limit your creativity. It still allows for all manner of water cooling inside, with a triple 120mm rad, dual 140mm, or even 200mm case fans possible. It also is 250mm wide just like the Core X71, so fitting your gear inside shouldn't be an issue. A magnetic dust filter up top helps keep particles out of your case, with super-fine filters on the front and bottom helping to block dust, too.

Both the Thermaltake Core X71 and X31 can fit video cards up to 420mm in length inside, a CPU cooler up to 180mm in height, and a PSU up to 220mm long. The X71 can even fit a 480mm radiator at the front of the case (X31 is only a 360mm rad), so size certainly isn't an issue with these cases. Each one has a front I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0, and audio in/out, with eight expansion slots each at the rear. The Thermaltake Core X71 and Core X31 will be available by the end of January, with the Core X71 priced at $149.99 and the Core X31 at $99.99. The Core X31 also features an RGB edition, which replaces the three pre-installed 120mm Riing fans with three 120mm RGB Riing fans. It carries a $129.99 price and launches at the same time as the others.

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