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NVIDIA Announces DRIVE PX 2 System at CES


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Information about what to expect from the NVIDIA press conference at CES this year began to circulate last month, with a heavy emphasis on systems for the automotive market expected. NVIDIA has delivered on those expectations with the DRIVE PX 2, the successor to the DRIVE PX, which was announced at CES 2015. The system will be powered by a pair of Tegra "Parker" SoCs and a pair of Pascal based discrete GPUs. The end result of this is four NVIDIA Denver and eight ARM Cortex-A57 CPU cores and four Pascal GPUs. The added GPU power will help with the computational needs of computer vision necessary for self-driving cars, packing an estimated 8 teraflops 32-bit floating point and 16 teraflops 16-bit floating point performance. The added GPUs will come at a cost of increased power and heat dissipation requirements, causing NVIDIA to design the PX 2 with liquid cooling. In the presentation, NVIDIA was comparing the performance to that of a GTX Titan X, but worth noting is that the PX 2 will need to be programmed with multiple GPUs in mind while the Titan X is a single GPU card. NVIDIA reiterated its commitment to "develop a hardware ecosystem for the automotive industry rather than an end-to-end solution. Which is to say that they want to provide the hardware, while letting their customers develop the software."

Source: NVIDIA via AnandTech


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