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The Galactic Empire Approves of This Star Destroyer PC Case Mod


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PC case mods cover an entire spectrum, from the simple to the extreme, but every so often you see one that simply makes you go, "wow." That's the feeling from this one, which doesn't really look like a case at all, but something you might find on the big screen. Builder Sander van der Velden, aka Asphiax, decided he didn't want a normal case or even a normal modded one. No, he took a case and turned it into a Star Destroyer, complete with fiber optic lighting, water cooling, and plenty of 3D printed goodness. The Star Destroyer Asphiax used is a Venator-class from the Prequel Trilogy and he's dubbed it the "Yazi."

There are no dimensions of the Yazi right now or even pictures of it all the way completed, but what's shown so far is impressive. The Star Destroyer's frame is made from aluminum, with 3D printing handling the fine details on the craft. More than 50 meters of fiber optic lighting helps give it the appearance of an actual starship, with the sides and bridges all lit up. Water cooling inside isn't done yet, but it's a closed loop design that hits both the CPU and video card. There is a drawn layout of the loop to give you an idea of where the parts go, with the radiator looking to fit inside the bow of the ship and the power supply at the engines.

Asphiax plans to show off Yazi during CES in about a week, so you can see it in its finished glory there. Once it gets there and is fully operational, expect to see more pictures of it at that point.

Source: ExtremeTech


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